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रोटी कपडा मकान are the basic needs of man. Everyone wants and deserves to build a house for himself and their family which should be equipped with all the amenities for comfortable living. But most people unaware of what is Vastu Shastra, build their houses in haste and later fall in troubles and feel sorry for investing so much.

In todays times, everyone is full of stress. They even don’t know or understand what is going around them and why is it so or what should they do to change it. For this we provide guidance on vastu Shastra; pure ancient science of building and instruction which helps to attract luck and peaceful life.

Vastu Shastra is modern science of Architecture and architecture is the art or practise of designing and constructing buildings. Vastu Shastra is very closely related to Astrology. While Vastu vidya is one of 64 identified ancient Indian art i.e. Chatushastikalas.

We provide services for Bhoomi pujan, Shailanyas Vastu Shanti, Graha Pravesh etc. Methods as given in scriptures regarding establishing and worshiping Vastu Parimandal Devta. are discussed in brief so that even a lay man can make use of our guidance while purchasing land and constructing a house and thus make the life of his own and of his family happy in the house constructed as per Vastu principles.

Man has gone beyond prakruti (Nature), he is breaking all laws of nature because of his knowledge he has misused laws of Nature by creating blockage and negative energies in environment .But he has totally forgotten that what we give come backs to us in multiples. To protect oneself from this there is a bridge between him and universe i.e. Vastu.

Vastu Shastra is said to be field of event manifestation and can change one’s cosmic path, which may lead to security, stability and success. Event manifestation is the main concept of Vastu Shastra along with energy balancing of 5 great elements.

After our Vastu visits we provide a layout of plot with 16 division of cardinal directions, provide interior as per Vastu rules, uses of colours, metals, slopes, opening and proper placement of each and every room as per purpose for every member of house.

Beyond this we try and remove negative energies and enhance positive vibration of Vastu through Tantra Yantra Ratna and Mantra Vidhi along with Vastu Shudhikaran Vidhi and activation of all 45 deities of Vastu which make one’s life blissful.

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I’m very Thankful to Mrs Kavita Kasbe for her guidence, her analysis is comprehensive, she gives honest opinions and explanation on the vaastu remedies, it is the power of knowledge which she has earned over the period. Her sincerity and professionalism is topnotch. With her advice, we were able to achieve our goals

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