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Bhaskaracharya was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who worked on Number System. He was called as Sidhant Shiromani as he wrote on planetary positions. He was the one to introduce number to the planets

From the moment of birth right upto the death, every individual is a series of numbers.

Numerology works on the principle of numbers vibratory resonance. Numbers from your birth chart help us to understand human behaviour, his intelligence, destiny, sexuality, spirituality and so on.

Numerology or the science of numbers uses just your date of birth and the alphabets in your name to define your entire personality and blueprint of your life, it is like opening a secret door to your life which you never knew, it’s like a highway meant especially for you.

Your thinking pattern, personality, fortune, character, health, strength-weakness, talent, motivation, personal life, career, finance, general day to day routine life is all numbers

Good and bad times will come in every one’s life, numerology can help you to understand this time and self-guard yourself and your loved ones, and it helps you to decide whether you should lie low earth or press full steam ahead. You cannot change your psychic nor your destiny number, but you certainly can make sure that you are interacting with other fortunate and harmonic numbers, that your name is giving you support rather than pulling you down, that your personal and business partnership come within the law of harmonics with your vital numbers, that the car you drive is of right colour and number, the number of house you live is in sync with your personal musical note.

Mrs. Kavita Kasbe, a very good numerologist, is not only the master of numbers and their significance but also does deep study in human psychology and their behaviour pattern. She helps others to overcome their each and every problem.

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I’m very Thankful to Mrs Kavita Kasbe for her guidence, her analysis is comprehensive, she gives honest opinions and explanation on the vaastu remedies, it is the power of knowledge which she has earned over the period. Her sincerity and professionalism is topnotch. With her advice, we were able to achieve our goals

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