Meditation to Education Course

Meditation To Education Course
  • Meditation is a de-stress for academic success by making children free from negative effects of stress. It helps children to cope up with the emotions like frustration and fear. Meditation helps to harness the monkey mind and keep them calm so that their creativity flows.
  • We organize one day seminar for kids who have difficulty in understanding, having anger issues, television and gaming addiction, anxiety issues, increased usage of mobile phone and kids who are low on self-esteem. Here we will help these children, how to be attentive in classrooms, study on time and give how to be peaceful.
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I’m very Thankful to Mrs Kavita Kasbe for her guidence, her analysis is comprehensive, she gives honest opinions and explanation on the vaastu remedies, it is the power of knowledge which she has earned over the period. Her sincerity and professionalism is topnotch. With her advice, we were able to achieve our goals

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