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Astro Vaastu in navi mumbai

Vastu Shastra is closely related to Astrology. With the help of Astrology we can determine the auspicicious times and methods of process right from selection of sites up to the final entrance in the newly built house, such as Bhoomi Pujan, Shailyanyas Vastu Shuddhi Karan Vidhi, Graha Pravesh etc.

Astro vastu is a mystic link between planet and space where we live. It creates a cosmic bridge between planets, zodiac sign, constellation with universe and eight directions along with five great element of vastu with reference to human being

By reading one’s horoscope you come to know what type of surrounding they are living in, where and what is the source of earning and what are the faults in their Vastu, by simply keeping a key plan on one’s horoscope.

It’s an easy path to know faults in house by merely reading kundli, this is the beauty of astro-science.

It is also called as Dik –kaal where `Dik` means vastu and `kaal` means time. Any changes in Vastu (Dik) can change kaal i.e. auspicious time.

As per our ancient vedas, human beings have an average life span of 120 years, whereas a house built according to vastu principles last long upto our 7 generation. This is a beauty and simple fact implementing astro vastu science to lead happy and prosperous life.

Astrology deals cosmic link between planets. By making your birthchart to find out the planetary positions during your birth which is called as KUNDALI OR HOROSCOPE. It shows the positive and negative effects of planets in your life time. As our personal day to day life is effected by planetary movements in the same way the Vaastu where we live where we work also effects our day to day life.

As vaastu shastra leads cosmic link between the directions,space,five elemnts, shape light with reference of human being.

If there are some in auspicious events predicted in our life by science of Astrology, but those events can be lessened or completely wiped out if our Vaastu is favorable. Thus we connect both the science, as it is seen that the changes in vaastu structure is possible which can change the energy of human being. As change in direction ( vaastu) brings change in kaal( Astrology) . so my guru always says Vaastu shastra shows the way of BHAGYA KALP ie Transformation of fortune, which is created by our 18 rushimunis ten thousand years back for the benefits of human being. It showers the divine bliss by just following simple discipline rules and regulation and secrets of Vaastu Shastra.

So it is very necessary to examine our vaastu with the help of Vaastu Expert.

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