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We Are Among The Best Vastu Shastra, Numerology, And Astro-Vastu Consultants Located In Mumbai And Providing Services Since 2007 In Mumbai And All Over India.

Our Founder Mrs. Kavita Kasbe, Is A Vastu Visharad, Numerologist, Astro Vastu Expert And Remedial Expert. She Has Immense Deep Knowledge In The Field Of Vastu And Numerology. Apart From Consultation She Also Has Been Writing Articles On Vastu Shastra And Numerology In Various Magazines And Conducting Lectures And Seminars For Upcoming Vastu Shastra Enthusiasts.

We Have Experience Of More than 14 Years Working Successfully With Guaranteed Positive Result . Vaastu Shree Has Changed Many Lives By Applying More Than 5000 Years Old Science Of Vaastu Shastra, Which Is The Gift Of Our Ancient Sages To Human Being To Achieve Peace, Harmony In Vastu And Personal Life.

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Vaastu Consultant

What is Vastu consultant ? How can I increase my luck as per Vastu ? How is Vastu calculated ? Is Vastu scientifically proven ?
Get more details now.

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What does a numerologist do? Does Numerology really work? How do I calculate my numerology? Is numerology better than astrology? Know more about Numerology

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Astro Vaastu

Which side facing house is bad? Where should Vastu pyramids be placed at home? hich entrance is good as per Vastu? What is Vastu Astrology? What should be placed in front of main door? Which direction God should face in home? Which house is good for Dhanu Rashi? Which facing house is good for me? Know more.

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Remedial Expert

Remedial Specialist, Vastu Siddhi – Vastu Shastra Consultant & Remedial Expert, Vaastu Shree Consultant & Remedial Expert, know more details.

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Our Courses

Medical Numerology Course

Numerology | No.#1 Numerology Course | Gold Medal in Numerology | Fully Accredited Professional Numerology Diploma Course

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Yantra – Mantra – Tantra Course

Know all about Yantra, Tantra and Mantra, Yantra and Mantra: Sri Vidya Tripura Tantra Yoga Meditation, What is Yantra & Mantra? Here you can learn Yantra – Mantra – Tantra Course.

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Remedial Expert Course

What does remedial courses mean? , How do you become a remedial teacher?, Why are remedial classes important?, What are remediation strategies? get all question answer here.

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Numerology Course

How can I learn numerology?, Which is the powerful number in numerology?, What are the benefits of numerology?, What is a 10 in numerology? Top Numerology Courses Online. All Questions one solution contact today.

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Mantra Shastra Course

Mantra Foundation Course, Mantra Shastra course in all month, Mantra Foundation Course in Navi Mumbai.

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Vedic Vaastu Shastra Course

Learn Vedic Vastu, Become master in vastu shastra, Top Vastu Shastra Courses, Astro Vastu Online Course – Lecture 1, Vedic Astrology Foundation Course.

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